Golden Farmers’ Market

Locally grown, baked and made

Newn and occasionalo vendors

All these little things (new in 2016, occasional)

Catering, Event coordinator, cooking classes.
Meal planning, personal training, nutrition consulting.
Eyelash extension technician, Unique gifts.

Contact: Paola Fedow — 250-344-0492 — and on

Amico - meats - (occasional)

An Italian Deli and Butcher Shop established in 2016, located in downtown Golden, 429 9th Ave North.

We proudly serve fresh, all natural, grass-fed meats, 100% free of GMO's, hormones and antibiotics. All our meats and cheeses are locally sourced and meet our standards as well as "the man's". AAA Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Whole Lamb/Pig Roasts, Fresh Deli meats, Konig Sausages, Italian Sausages (made in house).

We carry a wide variety if cheeses, olives and deli meats. Plus lots of miscellaneous items to help aid or spice up your kitchen life.

Contact: — 250-344-2446 — email: and on

Annita's Kitchen (new in 2016)

Home Baked Goodness
Apple sauce muffins, Breads, Toffee squares, Playdough, Fudge, Cookie, Squares, Jam/jelly, Rhubarb, and vegetables in season.

Contact: Annita — 250-439-9825 — email: and on

Brad Barnes Photography (once visit)

I sign and sell copies of my book, The Reluctant Canadian as well as wildlife/scenic prints and cards
The Reluctant Canadian is inspired by Canada's real-life Child Immigration Scheme, a largely forgotten program that brought upwards of 100,000 supposedly orphaned and abandoned British children to Canada to act as much-needed farm labourers and servants ("home children") from 1860 to the 1920s

I am recently retired and will be travelling throughout Alberta and BC selling my book and educating individuals about British Home Children, a little known but important event in Canada's history. I am also a wildlife/scenic photographer.

Contact: Brad Barnes — Websites: and

Big Dump Plungers (occasional)

Toilet plungers from recycled sporting equipment!

Our plungers are fun and fully functional toilet plungers made from recycled sporting equipment. A part of our profits are donated to sanitation efforts in developing countries. Our plungers are the perfect addition to your bathroom decor and will Keep your guests laughing long after they have dropped into the bowl.

Contact: Kelly McBroom — based in Canmore — email: Websites:, Instagram,

Creston Cherries

Creston Cherries (occasional)

Fresh fruits

Operator: Mladen

Crowfoot Media (rare visit)

The Canadian Rockies Annual brings together the best of two genres: the curated appeal of a magazine – featuring a range of styles, article lengths, voices and visuals – and the heft of a book, complete with distraction-free reading and exceptional design.

Published by Crowfoot Media, the Canadian Rockies Annual is an archival-quality mountain culture publication that combines captivating storytelling with striking visuals and beautiful design. Each issue takes the reader on a journey through the Canadian Rockies' cultural landscape, and delves into the dynamic forces that impact our lives in the mountains. The Canadian Rockies Annual brings together the best of two genres: the curated appeal of a magazine – featuring a range of styles, article lengths, voices and visuals – and the heft of a book, complete with distraction-free reading and exceptional design. DETAILS: 100 pages, minimal advertising (14 pages), soft touch cover, perfect bound, full colour on a combination of coated and uncoated paper. Printed in Canada.

Contact: Dee Larosa — Website:

Child and youth mental health and substance abuse (CYMHSU) - (occasional)

Access to mental health services. Golden action team. Fundraiser.

Contact: Various

DYLA'S sweet treats (new in 2016, occasional)

White chocolate lavender truffle bar, Chocolate peanut butter bar, Jungle bark Green tea truffles, White chocolate raspberry truffles, Coffee truffles.

Danielle and Ryla selling their handcrafted, made with love, truffles and chocolates. Ryla and Danielle came up with the idea of DYLA'S sweet treats. Their goodies are homemade and do not contain gluten. Ryla and Danielle are best friends who love to create things together and that's when they came up with the idea. Hope you enjoy their gourmet sweets!

Contact: Ryla and Danielle

Eat Pure Mountain Market (new in 2016)

Fresh, local organic, bulk.

Encore. Toujours. Caz. (new in 2016)

Handmade with love
Funky knitted & crocheted creations, accessories, etc...

Contact: Caroline — email: and on

ElectroRecycle (rare visit)

Small appliance and power tool recycling program, and more

Next scheduled stop in Golden is 2016 september 24.

Contact: — hotline: 1-800-667-4321 or 604-732-9253 — Website:

George Faltus (occasional)

Owns All position welding and creates jewelry occasionally

Contact: George Faltus — phone: 250-344-7235 —

Golden Museum

Golden Museum (occasional)

Prints, postcards, and books on Golden's history.

Visit the museum at 1302 11th ave s — 250-344-5169 — email: and on

Haley's rice bags and Mykayla's Bath Shop (new in 2016, occasional)

Rice bags and Bath salts, bath bomb, lip balm.

Contact: Mykayla Larose — Email:

Honey Bee's Garden (new in 2016, occasional)

Handcrafted Preserves and Fabric Art

Melissa Kardash — 403-671-6519 — email: and on

Jane Fearing

Jane Fearing

Jane Fearing Baking (occasional)

Fabulous baking. You will come back!

Jane Fearing

Kalika (new in 2016, occasional)


Contact: Liette Foy — Websites: etsy, Instagram

Kalika Bowlby (occasional)


I make objects to slow us down in a busy world. They are objects that invite us to set the table, take time to prepare and share a meal, reminders that eating and drinking can nourish us on many levels, objects to help us celebrate the simple, beautiful moments of every day.

Contact: Kalika Bowlby — Email: — Websites:, Instagram

Khaos Theory Leather (new in 2016, occasional)

Handmade leather products

Such as moccasins, sandals, masks, wallets and jewelry.

Contact: Brent Klassen — Website:

Mark Cameron (once visit)

Writer/bloger, avid traveler, entrepreneur, husband and father of two unschooled children. Hang usually seaside of Gibson, BC. Currently doing a tour of BC towns.

Novel for sale: Goodnight Sunshine

Contact: — Email: — Website:

Maxine — Simple lines (new in 2016)

Handcrafted sterling silver & copper jewelry

Contact: Maxine Lockeridge — Phone: 250-272-3044 — Email:

Mini Cones (occasional)

Ice cream cones

Mountain Metal Art (occasional)

Jewelry - Singular designs in sculpted jewelry

Semi-precious stones and sterling silver

Contact: Judy Malone —

Rocky Mountain Nail Company (new in 2016)

Nail polish

The Rocky Mountain Nail Company is proud to offer our hand mixed and poured nail polish - made without some of the worst chemicals traditionally found in nail polish. We make our nail polish with no formaldehyde, no dibutyl phtalate, no toluene, no camphor and no formaldehyde resin.
Now, we can't make nail polish healthy... it is still paint after all; but we have developed a healthier alternative to many products on the market today, and it's great polish!
Live healthier whenever you can!

Contact: Laura

Soupa (occasional)

Soups. Lovingly crafted weekly in Golden, BC.

Contact: Terri Blizzard — Phone: 250-344-6688 — Email: — Website:

Susan (occasional)

Pies, sauces, pickles, jams...

Contact: Susan

The Cracked Egg Bakery (occasional)


Contact: Pam Clough — Phone: 250-344-6479

Timeless Designs (new in 2016, occasional)


Contact: Alexandra Shuba — Email:

Kerri and Aaron

Kerri and Aaron

Weeping Willow Garden (occasional)

Four varieties of garlic, bird houses, prints on wood, and more crafts (see photos!).

Contacts: Aaron Enns, ACMG ski guide, artist. 250-344-5007 and Kerri Lautamus, massage, reflexology, yoga. 250-439-8035

White Heart Miracles (occasional)

Handcrafted Jewelry

Contact: Helena Fuoco — Email: — Website:

Yoda's Pops (occasional)

Home made popsicles

Contact: —

Your political party of BC (YPP) - (once visit)

New political party for BC!

YPP is based on:
• true government transparency
• triple sustainability
• the end of partisan politics
• listening to british columbians

Contact: YPP — Phone: 604-805-3547 — Email: — Website:

In memoriam

Ellen's Crafts

Hand sewn and knit scarves, afghans, hanging towels and more.

Our dear friend Ellen Carlson passed away on December 23rd, 2013 just one week shy of her 83rd birthday. We will miss her and her "dancing shoes".

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